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Testing Coordinator

Report to:    Program Manager

General Responsibilities:

The Fair Housing Testing Coordinator conducts the Fair Housing Testing Program, which includes:

  • Recruiting and training testers
  • Assigning and coordinating tests
  • De-briefing testers
  • Screens intake calls
  • Provides information to consumers about fair housing laws
  • Investigates potential cases
  • Assists consumers with complaints
  • Prepares programmatic reports
  • Conducts presentations on Fair Housing Laws

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with the Program Manager to implement Testing Program
  • Attend required or necessary skill level training
  • Maintain complete and accurate current listing of tests and workshops conducted, as well as testers trained
  • Develop and maintain a current database on trained testers, tests conducted and other pertinent data
  • Assist with the development and distribution of information about the Testing Program (i.e., flyers, brochures, which list the eligibility requirements, expectations and obligations of approved participants, etc.)
  • Assist with scheduling and conducting Tester Training
  • Generate test assignments
  • Coordinate, dispatch, and debrief testers
  • Review and analyze test data
  • Prepare precise and concise written reports
  • Create partnerships with local organizations
  • Interact effectively and professionally with all persons at all times
  • Be able to travel and work evenings or weekend hours
  • Conduct formal and informal community networking
  • Conduct presentations to community groups and organizations about the Fair Housing Program
  • Keep accurate documentation to produce monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual reports and other periodic reports
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality
  • Handle sensitive issues with tact and professionalism


  • Fair Housing experience
  • Commitment to civil rights and advocacy
  • Excellent organizational aptitude
  • Have experience and possess excellent skills in case assessment and management
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent telephone etiquette
  • Counseling skills
  • Knowledge of computer: Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word
  • Knowledge of rental market (contract, lease agreements, month-to-month rental agreements, and federal guidelines for low to moderate income)
  • Be able to conduct small and large group presentations
  • Be able to work with diverse groups
  • Be a self-starter and function with minimal supervision
  • Possess and maintain valid California Driver’s License and auto insurance
  • Possess a reliable form of transportation

Education, Training and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • HUD Certified Counselor
  • Fair Housing experience preferred
  • One year full-time work experience involving counseling or investigating fair housing complaints
  • Bilingual (E/S) capability helpful.